We are green

...or why is important to leave a cleaner world for our successors

R.E.P. Trading SMLLC, owner of RampageSport.eu Sports shop and the people working in it believe that it important to lower our impact on nature.

That's why we accepted the following practices in our everyday routines:

  • we use only recycled PCF paper including on delivery documents you receive from us
  • we use e-mails and digital documents as much as we can
  • we don't use plastic or paper cups when we drink our daily coffee
  • we re-use the packaging in which we receive our goods
  • we use minimal additional packaging for the orders we dispatch and when it's possible we use quick bio-degradable materials
  • we use carbon neutral carrier for our orders from manufacturers
  • we ship with carriers with modern fuel-efficient vehicles
  • our office is insolated which means we lowered our energy consumption
  • we try to ship our orders every time the first time - effectively lowering our carbon footprint. You can help us - fill your delivery address right and use delivery to carrier's office - it's that simple! :)

And remember - often reusing mean saving money, lowering the prices! Something we all want, right? :)

by RampageSport.eu Sports Shop crew


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