adidas V24 Carbon field hockey stick 15/16

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SALE! Adidas V24 Carbon field hockey stick 15/16 Expand
  • There's extravagant and theres Adidas V24 2015 - bright new colors for the crazy midfilders. Traditional 24 mm Xtreme24 bow packed with features to satisfy the best players!
  • DUALROD: The now standard feature for Carbon and Compo 1 models increasing the power and absorbing vibrations.
  • Fully FIH rule compliant
  • TOUCH COMPOUND: the rugged hook face will support the ball and keeps it under control for better accuracy
  • Improved reinforcement on the main impact areas
  • Better material configuration than the last year models
  • adigrip:  the grip to have on your stick combining traditional PU with Chamois-like touch


  •  90% carbon 
  •  5% aramid 
  •  5% fibreglass 

289,28 лв

incl. VAT

452,00 лв incl. VAT



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