IMPORTANT: Applies only to TNT deliveries in "out of area" regions!

TNT provides customers with collection and delivery services in remote and less-accessible locations for which an additional "Out of Area" surcharge is applied to cover the additional costs incurred by the courier. We try to offer the best price for our customers and this also applies to our shipping charges.

Below is a list of postal code ranges where the surcharge applies.

Please note that this surcharge must be added to your cart ONLY if you live in area served by the following postal codes and you choose to use TNT as courier! Any orders that require shipping to areas with codes in ranges in the list but which have no added surcharge to their cart will be held until this payment is cleared. We will contact you as soon as possible to clarify this if needed!

HINT: In order to check if your postal code is in this list please click on the pdf itself and then Ctrl+F so you can search for your country. When you have found the country you live in you can check if your postal code is in the ranges specified.

You can add the following item to your cart if you fall in one of the following ranges: link


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