Our website Sport Shop uses 128 bits SSL data encription between your browser and our server on all sensitive pages (customer registration forms, guest checkout, order completion, etc). You can be sure that when you see a padlock in your browser the information you enter is secure. Your profile and you checkout pages are completely SSL secured..

As precaution measure we host our site on thightened security server with specs very close to PCI compliance. We don't have PCI compliance because we don't process card payments directly on our site, instead we use third parties as PayPal and Skrill.

The owner of Sport Shop R.E.P. Trading SMLLC is registered as personal information administrator in Bulgaria's Personal Information Protection Committee and as such we follow strict data protection mechanisms. Any information that you enter in our shop's forms is treated with highest levels of protection and care according to Bulgaria's Persional Information Protection law.

The shop keeps database which we use for customer identification. It's used only by R.E.P. Trading SMLLC (the owner of Sport Shop) crew with appropriate access level. All Bulgarian courier companies we work with are also registered as personal information administrators and as such apply strick privacy policies.

We use only the critical minimum of information for fulfilment of orders we recieve:

  • Names of the client
  • Phone number
  • Delivery address
  • Order details (for insurance, etc.)


If you don't give permission to us to gather and use this information about you please don't use Sport Shop as we would not be able to deliver your goods!

R.E.P. Trading SMLLC through it's site Sport Shop don't collect, store and use any other personal information about it's customers.

Удостоверение за администратор на лични данни на фирма Р.Е.П. Трейдинг ЕООД собственик на Онлайн Магазин Sport Shop and cookies:

The content managment system used for Sport Shop and some of it's modules use cookies. They generate cookies which are kept on your computer. They may contain session ID but they can't be used for tracking or identification of our customers, they also don't include personal information.

An example of their use is the function of the shop to keep the product you added  in your cart the last time you visited us.

If you don't want to accept cookies you can configure your browser to do so: (opens in new window)

Please keep in mind that if you choose to do se we can not guarantee the full functionality of Sport Shop!

In case you choose not to disable cookies we consider that you permit us to use them and you give your permission to place them on your computer.


For further questions you can e-mail us at: e-mail:


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