Frequently Asked Questions

1. PRIVACY PROTECTION: Sport Shop uses SSL encryption on the pages where you have to input information about you and your order (phone number, address, etc.). You can be sure that your information is secure when you see padlock on top left of your browser next to our shop address. As additional measure we run our shop on hardened server exploiting the very last security measures. Also we have strict internal personal information handling policy about who and how can use your information. Please, also keep in mind we don't store any credit/debit card information and we don't manually process them.


First you can add the products to your cart. After you're happy with your products you can register an account at Sport Shop and if you already have one you can log in using your creditnails. Also you can complete your order as a guest without registering. You can quickly and securely complete your order. Then choose the most convenient payment and delivery methods for you and also leave message to Sport Shop crew if you whish so. If you experience difficulties you can always call or email us and we'll be more than happy to assist you and even place an order for you on our system.
Yes, from 2013 Sport Shop delivers to European Union countries. You can check our Delivery information section for more details.
No, if you are European Union resident and the delivery address is in EU. If you live outside EU local customs taxes may apply.


Usually it takes 5 working days or less for our cheaper road delivery option. For countries closer to Bulgaria (like Austria, Germany, Hungary) this time will be shorter and for countries like Spain, Portugal or Lithuania it can reach up to 6-7 working days depending on road conditions. If you choose our 'express' delivery option your order can be delivered at the next day or within 3 working days if you don't live in big city.
It depends on what delivery option you've chosen. If your order is delivered with our road delivery option it will cost 19 Euro for orders under 175 Euro and is free for orders above that amount. If you have choosen our faster air express delivery it will cost 35 Euro for orders under 175 Euro and only 25 Euro for orders above that amount. The correct delivery cost will be displayed in your cart after you register and provide your delivery address. Please note, we can't show this information there before we know where we need to deliver that's why we show our domestic delivery costs for Bulgaria to unregistered customers. All delivery costs are fixed no matter if you order 1 stick or 3, if your delivery costs are calculated on order total cost basis.
Usually the couriers deliver their parcels before noon to free up space in their vehicles for other parcels. Most of the times they will contact you by phone prior delivery to arrange everything.
Yes of course. You can inform us about that in 30 working days after you receive your order. Please, consult our Delivery and returns section for more information about that. Please, also bear in mind that you will have to pay for the return courier expenses and the product have to be in pristine condition.
No, currently no. The Bulgarian postal service is really slow and unreliable so we don't use it.
You can track the status of your order in your customer account area or you can consult your email where you should find email for each status change of your order. When we have the international tracking information for your box we will send it to you by email also so check it regularly.
If we make an error (and sometimes we do, we're only humans) and dispatch you wrong items or different size we will cover all expenses for the return to us and the second delivery for the correct product to you. Please if you notice that something is wrong with your order contact us so we can fix this as soon as possible. In such scenario we will arrange pickup so you don't have to deal with couriers and cause you further headaches.


For international orders we offer two payment methods - PayPal and Skrill. Both of them allow us to accept payments directly from credit/debit cards without account registration for the payment system. Skrill also offers variety of local payment options from countries around Europe. Please use whatever is more convenient for you. We don't charge any additional taxes for any of our payment options. You pay us what you see in the checkout page.
Currently no. We will add bank transfer option soon but we don't use checks that much in Bulgaria so we don't plan to add such payment method for now.


The company owner of is VAT registered. All prices are final and you don't have to pay any further taxes or duties if you live in European Union. Such may apply to the customer if you live outside EU but we have no control over them.


We're are online specialist. We don't operate retail shops and also we use cheap storage and this allows us to lower our margins. We operate from Bulgaria, the country with one of the lowest taxation policies in EU so this also helps.
Certainly NOT! If you've been at your local hockey retailer and you like some of their sticks we think you have to order from them. It's always better to support your local community instead of going for the best deal online. We strongly disapprove this practice both from local economics and environmental standpoints! Please, if you have tested equipment at your local retailer and you enjoy their service and products - show support by purchasing from them! If you tried some team-mate's equipment and you're looking for place to acquire one for you or you don't have shop close by - we're at the right place for you! Don't get us wrong on this one. We know that we will probably loose some business by saying this but we know how hard and frustrating it can be for a small local business (we're one ourselves) when customer shows interest in our products and then leaves just to order online or from bigger sport hypermarket to save few cents.


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