Malik Guardian hockey shinguards

Malik Malik

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Malik Guardian hockey shinguards Expand
  • Malik Guardian are high quality shinguards delivering exception protection for your leg.
  • Now with new lower price!

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36,00 лв

incl. VAT

  • Shinguards made from high density plastic delivering excellent protection from hits with the stick or the ball.
  • Extremely comfortable soft inner part delivering comfort and also taking off the moisture from your leg.
  • Anatomic design specially made for field hockey but also suitable for any sport if you need extra protection (after injury, etc.)

This product is designed to offer exeptional protection in hockey matches and training sessions. Due to the nature of the game we can not guarantee lack of damage if you're hit exceptionally hard by ball or stick. Also we don't bear any fault if permanent or temporary damage occures during sport related activities wearing those shinguards.


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