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  • Malik Jumbo stick bag Malik Jumbo stick bag
    Malik Jumbo stick bag

    SPECIFICATION:One of the biggest hockey bags on the market With its 3 separate compartments it holds multiple sticks, equipment and shoes + two side nets for shin guards and/or water bottle Ideal travel bag with added and improved cushioning to give more shoulder and back support Placement of straps ensures that the bottom will not hit against the...

    117,18 лв. 137,86 лв. -15%
  • Grays GX9000 Lite kitbag Grays GX9000 Lite kitbag
    Grays GX9000 Lite kitbag

    80,04 лв. 94,17 лв. -15%
  • Malik Arrow stick bag Malik Arrow stick bag
    Malik Arrow stick bag

    SPECIFICATION:Plenty of space for all your hockey equipment (3 separate compartments) Long stitched zipper chains for easy opening & closing The stick compartment can easily hold up to 4 sticks Extra storage space through the new zipper system Two carry-on straps to ensure comfortable transportation Water-resistant bottom, so the bag can be set...

    74,27 лв. 87,38 лв. -15%
  • MALIK Arrow kitbag
    MALIK Arrow kitbag

    50,40 лв. 72,00 лв. -30%
  • Grays GR300 stickbag Grays GR300 stickbag
    Product available with different options
    Grays GR300 stickbag

    31,37 лв. 36,90 лв. -15%

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