Kookaburra Team Alpha LBow Extreme 2.0 стик за хокей на трева

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Kookaburra Team Alpha LBow Extreme 2.0 стик за хокей на трева Увеличи

  • Profile: LBow Extreme 2.0 - A variation of the conventional L Bow, the Extreme bow further assists with ‘drag-flicking’ by lowering and increasing the size of the bow in order to create a more pronounced profile. (Optimum Point 24.00 mm @ 240mm)
  • Construction: Tri Core - Additional core to the internal structure gives stiffness and ultimate power output. Eliminates torsional movement and aids clean striking
  • 95% Carbon
  • Innegra Reinforcment: Extremely durable and impact resistant. Lightest fibre commercially available in the world today.
  • Energy Groove: Subtle groove in the shaft of the stick to assist with creating enhanced ball speed. Assists with passing, control and precision.
  • Skill Zone: Concave stick face shaping holds the ball with ease, giving unbelievable close control. 3D skills, drag flicking and aerial prowess.
  • SFR: Soft Feel Resin which penetrates into micro fibres to enhance exquisite feel and unparalleled durability
  • KCF: The textured playing surface generates a more secure contact area, resulting in superb feel, control and agility
  • Grip: X-Orb. The very latest in shock absorption material which has been bonded to handle of the stick. Designed to aid overall playability on high carbon models

326,00 лв

с вкл. ДДС

Кой размер да избера?
Кой размер да избера?

Можете да използвате следната таблица като ориентир:

Дължина на стикаВисочина на играча
28" < 122 см
30" 122 - 130 см
32" 130 - 137 см
34" 137 - 152 см
35" 152 - 161 см
36,5" 161 - 178 см
37,5" >178 см


  • при избор на детски стик за дете навлизащо в пубертета можете да добавите 1 инч
  • при избор на стик за зала можете да добавите 1 инч
  • таблицата е с ориентировъчна цел

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